Visual Fitness Planner

Visualize your fitness future

One to One Fitness uses Visual Fitness Planner, a software that mocks up a 3D replica of your current body, and helps you visualize your future body with exercise and nutrition help. It uses your height, weight, body fat and age to create “before” and “after” pictures of your body so you can actually see how your body can transform with an exercise routine and proper nutrition.

How old are you?

Have you ever calculated your current health age? In other words, how “old” is your body compared to your actual age? VFP has your numbers. With the help of exercise and nutrition, we can assist you in reaching your “goal” age.

Understand your risks

We will provide you with an assessment of your current risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. You’ll see how changing your exercise, nutrition and smoking habits can often dramatically change your risk for those diseases.

Did you know?

New members of One to One Fitness Center who are eligible for the Jumpstart Program receive a VFP assessment for FREE! Current members can also take advantage of VFP and track their progress for just $25. Non-members of One to One Fitness can meet with a trainer and use VFP for just $35! Give us a call at 216.368.1121 or email us to schedule your appointment today!