Expert Panel: Addressing Systemic Structural Problems in STEM

On Nov. 2 the Office of the Provost hosted an expert panel focused on highlighting approaches and strategies that can help Case Western Reserve address systemic structural problems in the STEM disciplines. Panelist presentations were followed by a question and answer period via live video and the Zoom chat feature. The intent of this session was to help CWRU realize Pathway 4 of it's Think Big strategic plan to build a respectful, diverse and effective university community and become a campus that truly reflects its students, city, and country.

Later, panelists will engage one-on-one with representative faculty, postdoctorates and graduate students in order to get a sense of the current culture. Panelists will then provide an executive summary of their observations to be shared with university leadership. This will help build a baseline of understanding for our growth and development as a university.


The event was targeted toward campus leadership including deans and chairs, as well as faculty who serve on search committees and mentoring committees, but any member of the campus community was welcome to attend. Members of the Board of Trustees and key alumni supporters were also invited.

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Ben Vinson III Headshot

Ben Vinson III

Provost and Executive Vice President, Case Western Reserve University


Alison K Hall Headshot

Alison K. Hall, PhD

Associate Dean for Research Workforce Development, School of Medicine and Health Sciences, George Washington University

Clifton Poodry Headshot

Clifton Poodry, PhD

Courtesy Professor, University of Oregon

Michael Summers Headshot

Michael F. Summers, PhD

Robert E. Meyerhoff Chair for Excellence in Research and Mentoring, Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore County