Faculty Hiring Initiatives

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As Case Western Reserve moves into a post-pandemic faculty hiring phase, the Office of the Provost is sponsoring new programs to complement the ongoing hiring activities at the university. These "Opportunity Hiring" initiatives are designed to target expert faculty members who would thrive at Case Western Reserve. Both programs reside outside of the typical hiring timeline, and can be used as opportunities surface (any time throughout the calendar year). The focus of these hires aligns directly to the Think Big strategic plan to help reach the university's North Star both thematically and culturally. These programs are designed to provide flexibility to deans and departments to hire when the time is right while aligning to the strategic plan as well as departmental needs. 

The Initiatives

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North Star Faculty Opportunity Hires Initiative

The initiative helps hire faculty who both meet a scholarly need, and have a strong commitment to diversifying their departments and programs. 

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Think Big Thematic Opportunity Hires Initiative

The initiative helps hire faculty members who have a commitment to interdisciplinary research as well as a commitment to teaching. 

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Faculty Partner Hiring Assistance Initiative

This initiative acknowledges the reality of dual-academic careers as a part of the Case Western Reserve University recruitment ecosystem.

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With each of these programs, requests come from the deans as opportunities emerge, and may or may not be part of their three-year Faculty Resource Plans. The timeline is open and requests are received on a rolling basis until funds for the fiscal year (starting July 1) are expended. All standard appointment documents will be required for the opportunity hire programs. A special intake process and portal for the opportunity hire appointment process is available through Faculty Affairs. As with all faculty hiring processes, the Office for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity will be involved to provide appropriate guidance and training.

Members of the faculty should work with their chairs to identify departmental needs and strategic opportunities. Timing is unique to each school, and chairs should coordinate with their deans to fully understand the process and timelines, communicating the process back to members of the faculty.

Chairs and program directors should work with their deans to identify the timing of requests as well as the format in which to submit the information. This information should be communicated back to the faculty. 

Deans should work with the Provost on their annual three-year Faculty Resource Plans and potential ideas for “target of opportunity” hires. For the targeted hires, deans should submit their prescribed proposals when ready. When all school-based processes are developed, including how deans wish to manage requests for “target of opportunity” hires, these should be clearly communicated to chairs, program directors and faculty. Any requests sent directly to the Provost's Office will not be reviewed and will be sent back to the Deans.