Faculty Partner Hiring Assistance Initiative

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About the Initiative

The current higher educational landscape has seen increases in the number of faculty who have partners who are also faculty members. With that in mind, Case Western Reserve University has instituted a program that acknowledges the reality of dual-academic careers as a part of its recruitment ecosystem.

Support Opportunities

Eligible accompanying academic partners who become a candidate for a position (fixed term or tenure track) must be appointed through the regular university hiring processes—an existing open line need not exist, but the position must fit within the unit’s budget. In most cases, salary and benefits costs will be split among:

  • The unit which appoints the accompanying academic partner
  • The unit which appoints the recruited faculty appointee
  • The Office of the Provost 

If the academic partner is to be employed in the unit of the recruited faculty member, then the Provost will provide up to one-half the salary and benefits of the partner—the hiring unit will provide the other half of salary and benefits. Start-up costs will normally be the responsibility of the unit that hires the academic partner.

The salary funding for the position to which the accompanying academic partner is appointed will be provided for three years.

Accessing Support

A request for funds must be made in writing to the Provost by the dean(s) of the 1) unit that will house the “recruited faculty appointee,” as well as the 2) unit housing the accompanying academic partner. For complete details, access the Program Guide below. 

**Note: Best practices urge the names of individuals hired through the program be kept confidential, so as to promote an environment of inclusion and equity.

Download the Program Guide