Scholar Selection

Group photo of the Provost Scholars' participants

As recommended by the Superintendent and staff, three groups of students, will be invited to participate in the Program. Teachers and parents may also refer students to the Provost Scholars Program but each prospective Scholar must complete an online application. Parents and teachers are asked to support the recommended students participation in the program.

The Superintendent has outlined some general characteristics for each of the three groups:

Group One: These students will be individuals who have excelled in their academic work, have good citizenship records, and manifest the potential to become outstanding college students. The rationale for selecting these students is to provide them with “value added” learning opportunities, enhance their horizons, and offer career guidance and direction to help ensure that they can/will meet their goals.

Group Two: Students who are at the “intersection” of doing well and faltering in their peer/parental/teacher interpersonal relationships and their academic performance will be in this group. They are students who confront numerous environmental challenges that distract them from the prospects of meeting their short-term and long-term goals, which are essential for academic excellence and for becoming productive adults.

Group Three: The students in this group will be comprised of students who have begun to manifest some early/enduring signs of poor academic performance, with tensions in their peer/teacher and parental relationships. These youths, however, do have the potential to overcome barriers, excel in their academic work, and become productive students. Additional support, guidance and attention, with academic assistance, could make the difference in their lives.