CWRU Provost Scholars Program Tutor Roles and Responsibilities

The Provost Scholars is an educational enrichment program dedicated to supporting middle and high school students by expanding and strengthening their academic and career goals. Tutors are a critical component of the program as they assist the Provost Scholars in reaching their academic and career goals, particularly in mathematics, reading, critical thinking, and writing. Tutoring sessions are scheduled for Thursdays from 2:30‐ 3:50 PM at Guilford House during the academic year. All Provost Scholars tutors should be:

✓ CONSISTENT with their commitment by attending tutoring sessions every Thursday.
✓ DEDICATED AND MOTIVATED to ensuring that their tutees’ academic needs are met and goals are attained.

✓ PATIENT with their tutees’ challenges and understanding of tutees’ strengths and weaknesses, while focusing on their potential.

✓ RESOURCEFUL in finding solutions to improve their tutees’ academic skills.✓ EFFECTIVE AS A ROLE MODEL for all scholars in demeanor, attire, and integrity.✓ FRIENDLY AND COURTEOUS to all Provost Scholars and staff.

Tutor Responsibilities
  • Providing one‐on‐one or small group assistance with homework assignments, the Scholastic Aptitude Test(SAT) and/or the American College Testing (ACT).

  • Identifying which scholars need additional assistance with their academic work, and aiding the program staff with constructing and monitoring a plan of action.

  • Ensuring that the Provost Scholars remain focused and on‐task.

  • Communicating orally and in writing with the program staff about the Provost Scholars’ academic


  • Informing the program staff of your absences or schedule changes in a timely manner.

  • Signing in and out at each session.

    Code of Conduct for Tutors

    Please read the University Code of Conduct for additional requirements and expectations that are associated with tutoring the Provost Scholars. The University Code of Conduct can be found at this link: https://students.case.edu/handbook/policy/conduct/

    Cell Phones and Technology Use

    Provost Scholars should not use their cell phones during programming except when directed by the tutors for the purpose of completing academic work