Mission and Purpose

Overview of the Provost Scholars

The Provost Scholars Program is a partnership between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), East Cleveland City Schools, Cleveland School of the Arts, and Ginn Academy. The program matches high school students (Provost Scholars) with CWRU faculty and staff mentors as well as undergraduate and graduate student tutors to support and improve academic and career outcomes for the Provost Scholars. The program also provides weekly University Intensive Seminars, field trips, large-scale research projects, summer programming, and family support through the monthly Parents' College at Case. There is also on-site programming for 6th - 8th graders.

Provost Scholars Mission & Purpose

The Provost Scholars is an educational enrichment program dedicated to supporting the Provost Scholars by furthering and strengthening their academic and career goals. We will realize this goal by helping Provost Scholars to:

  • Expand their creative, critical thinking, and problem solving abilities
  • Strengthen their study practices
  • Improve their interpersonal proficiencies
  • Explore educational and career pathways through mentoring and relationship building with Case Western Reserve University faculty and staff