Summer Learning Institute

2019 SLI Schedule (see attached): June 17, 2019 – July 12, 2019 (to coincide with ECCS Summer School) 

Focus: Academics & Advocacy

  • ACT Preparation Course from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm (between provided breakfast & lunch, M-F)

                        Not exclusive to Provost Scholars, but all Provost Scholars participating in the SLI must attend.

  • Advocacy Institute from 12:00 – 2:00 pm (after lunch, T/Th)

Rising 9th Grade Provost Scholars only. Programming is based on Provost Scholar-identified concerns that have been determined by discussions and practicums during the 2018-2019 programming year.

Rationale: Strengthening Leadership through Social Emotional Learning 

The focus during Phase One of the Provost Scholars Program (i.e., the first 6 years) has been on academic performance. As the program enters into Phase Two, the program will cultivate opportunities to not only expand how Scholars will continue to improve their academic performance, but also integrate the development of leadership capacity.  Therefore, Phase Two of the program will include an emphasis on building leadership capacity by creating an intersection of the current academic focus and adding a concentrated focus on social, emotional learning (SEL). Currently, the Provost Scholars have identified three main areas that they would like to focus their efforts on this summer and possibly beyond:

  • Government Relations (learning how to connect and work with local, state, and national entities)

  • Social-Emotional Intelligence Development (violence prevention, civility, mindfulness, empathy)

  • Educational Reform (collaborating with local school district authorities to improve outcomes)

Implementation: Dimension 1 – The Provost Scholars

Five dimensions of interactions will be applied to develop and strengthen leadership knowledge and skill sets as the Provost Scholars Program moves into Phase II (see SEL Proposal). By working collaboratively to empower leadership among the Provost Scholars, dedicated organizations at CWRU and the ECCS community will work together towards this goal. Sensitivities to cultural appropriateness as manifested within these partnerships will continue to be recognized and addressed at all levels in the program. Being a leader means looking at how to be an example of positive behavior to others. Through developing their own programs to help others in their community, they can promote positive outcomes for themselves and future Provost Scholars.

Expectations: Attendance & Participation 

Rising 9th Grade Provost Scholars will be compensated in the amount of: ____ by the following date: ____ if they have perfect attendance and complete ALL components of the program (ACT Course, pre/post ACT test & Advocacy Institute).