Summer Learning Institute

The SLI program—a major component of the Provost Scholars Program—is a rigorous program in academic excellence and social emotional learning (traditionally exclusive to the rising 9th grade Provost Scholars. The four-week program includes ACT test preparation, advanced academic coursework (with an emphasis on math and science), as well as engagement in Advocacy Workshops culminating in a Capstone Presentation (in-person and via Webinar). The SLI will expand how Scholars will continue to improve their academic performance and integrate the development of leadership capacity through the applied work of the Advocacy Workshops. These workshops will include an emphasis on building leadership capacity by creating an intersection of academics and advocacy.

Primary Learning Objectives:

  1. Strengthen scholarship through ACT preparation & individualized in-person and virtual coursework

Participants will engage in ACT preparation with CWRU Graduate Medical Students in our hybrid classroom at CWRU using GoSchoolBox. They will use resources from Kaplan, Princeton Review, and others to ensure high-quality and effective test preparation, and be taught by individuals who have excelled at these exams themselves. Virtual instruction will be facilitated by in-person faculty as well.

  1. Build social/emotional intelligence through active participation in advocacy workshops and field trips

Programming is based on previous summer learning institute programming and integrating the five CASELSocial/Emotional core competencies: self-awareness; self-management; social awareness; relationship skills; and responsible decision-making. Through developing their own ideas to support community, SLI participants can promote positive outcomes for themselves and their peers.

Expectations: Attendance & Participation

Each Scholar will be compensated in the amount of $400 with a check made out to the Scholar following the successful completion of the program. 

The following requirements MUST be met without exception to receive the $400 honorarium:

  • Perfect Attendance (on-time and present for the entirety of the scheduled online activities)
  • Active Participation (e.g. taking notes; completing lessons; participating in discussions and workshops)
  • Professional Behavior (a respectful demeanor will be expected – please refer to our Code of Conduct)
  • Portfolio Completion (each participant will maintain and submit a portfolio documenting their process)
  • Capstone Presentation (participants will share work with families and the community the last day of the program)