Core Values

‌As the Provost Scholars Program grows and expands to help the Provost Scholars achieve academic excellence, we have identified four core values essential for our success and progress.

These core Provost Scholars values include:

I. Academic Excellence and Impact

  • Promoting scholarship that deepens the enrichment and experience of academic opportunities provided to our students

II. Inclusiveness and Diversity as a Collective Responsibility

  • Including a community of a diverse set of partners, particularly students, parents, and CWRU faculty and staff, in a collective and unified initiative to inspire civic and academic innovation within the Greater Cleveland area

III. Innovation

  • Facilitating the cohesion of a diverse community of students, parents, CWRU faculty and staff, and other stakeholders

IV. Change and Evolution

  • Evolving the ways in which students are engaged, inspired and encouraged to pursue academic excellence and change within an interdependent and unified community