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For more information about the Provost Scholars Program's many components, please review or download our program resources below.

Safe School Helpline

This Helpline has been developed for you, and other students, parents and staff members to help maintain your safety and the most positive school environment possible. The purpose of the Safe School Helpline is to promote school safety and report wrongdoings or illegal activity. Any type of information involving a threatening situation to students, the school or staff should be reported. Examples include thoughts of suicide or self-harm, violence, weapons, bullying, drugs and alcohol, and theft. 

PG Handbook Cover

2019-2020 Provost Scholars Parent/Guardian & Scholar Handbook

This handbook contains a great deal of important information, including necessary forms for the parent/guardian as well as the Provost Scholar. This document accounts for our program policies and practices as of November 7, 2019. Changes for individual programs will be reflected in a separate handbook.


*[ECCS Version] 2020-2021 Provost Scholars Parent/Guardian & Scholar Handbook








Spring 2013

Get 2 School Program

A partnership between the Cleveland Browns, the Ohio Department of Education and Proving Ground.

The goal of the Get 2 School Network is to increase student attendance at the state level and locally in partner districts and schools. The equation is simple: The more students attend school, the more prepared they are for success beyond school.

The network will accomplish its goal by working with school districts and partners to prioritize attendance and build capacity to address chronic absenteeism through a peer-to-peer learning and action network. All Ohio school districts are invited to join the network at no cost. Network members will receive access to attendance-related supports, tools and campaign materials.

An identified set of school districts in the network will receive additional supports and resources to:

  • Launch comprehensive community campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of school attendance.
  • Use data to target specific, attendance-related intervention efforts for maximum impact.
  • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of specific, attendance-related interventions to determine impact and success.
  • Implement and refine attendance-related solutions across these school districts.

All learnings gleaned from these improvement efforts will be shared broadly across the network, benefitting all schools and districts that are members of the network.

The network, including its three founding partners, collaborators and local-level members, is driven by the following guiding principles:

  1. Public awareness is foundational. That’s why state-level partners and local-level members commit to raising public awareness and engaging community members on the importance of consistent school attendance.
  2. Data drives decisions. The network supports districts and schools to use data to better understand successes and opportunities, identify solutions and continuously improve.
  3. Family and student engagement matters. Families and students hold the keys to unlocking the right local solutions; they should be engaged every step of the way.
  4. District, school, teacher and staff input is essential. Each education partner has unique insight, and each should be involved in developing and implementing the solutions. The network’s state-level partners are committed to supporting network partners.
  5. Community partnerships amplify the work. Strategic partnerships strengthen local efforts by building awareness, providing access to supports and resources, and removing deep-seated barriers to student attendance.