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Funding Agencies: Cuyahoga County, The Cleveland Foundation

The MyCom program is a long-term initiative that coordinates activities amongst six lead agencies and multiple community-based agencies to provide programs and services to youth in Cuyahoga County. The six components of MyCom include youth advocacy, neighborhood mobilization, youth engagement, key transitions, employment/job readiness and out-of school time (OST).

Beginning in 2007, Begun Center staff has been working with the Family and Children First Council (FCFC), the Cleveland Foundation, and multiple community-based organizations to provide technical assistance and direct data collection services.

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These evaluation activities included conducting a capacity assessment of MyCom neighborhoods and lead agencies, evaluating program-specific outcomes, and providing technical assistance for development of a universal intake and program dosage tracking mechanism.

What Is MyCom

MyCom consists of a network of people who believe youth development is a direct path to healthy, safe communities for everyone. MyCom builds strengths in young people and their neighborhoods by connecting existing programs and resources, and funding opportunities for positive growth. MyCom also encourages all sectors of society to take responsibility for children’s development and transition into productive adulthood.

The mission of MyCom is to connect young people in Greater Cleveland with positive experiences and caring adults they need to lead good lives, supplementing the parenting and education of our youth. By inspiring and preparing young people in Greater Cleveland to reach their potential and contribute to their community, MyCom seeks to be a nourishing and enriching component, a key success factor in the lives of the young people involved in the program.

The long-term goals of MyCom are that young people have greater access to supports and opportunities, raised in safe environments, and ultimately have a positive transition to young adulthood.

The History of MyCom

In 2006, the Cleveland Foundation undertook research to identify and evaluate existing programs and services for youth in Greater Cleveland. Based on its findings, the foundation convened many key community partners to create an effective system to support our young people. Cuyahoga County government stepped up early and in a big way, with $3.4 million and a commitment to manage day-to-day operations of MyCom through its Family & Children First Council.

Today, this youth movement – MyCom – aims to inspire and prepare Greater Cleveland’s young people, kindergarten through graduation, to reach their full potential and become good citizens. It exposes kids to a variety of activities and experiences that allow them to explore new interests and learn new skills. It connects them to a network of caring and committed adults – teachers, mentors, employers, and others – who offer guidance and encouragement. MyCom prepares Greater Cleveland’s young people to enter early adulthood with the ability to foster healthy relationships throughout their lives and the skills to compete in a global economy.

Principal Investigator: Daniel J. Flannery, PhD