About Us

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Who We Are

The Community Innovation Network is building a strong foundation for the connection between the everyday lives of individuals and the complex systems in civil society. We connect community building experts, nonprofit organizations, researchers, and people working on a grassroots level through strength-based approaches to community change.

What We Do


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Building Capacity

We amplify the impact of our members through training, dialogue, coaching, an online library, tools and resources.


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Strengthening Communities

Working directly with institutions and systems, we leverage strength-based approaches to bridge divisions, engage communities, and elevate impact.


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Connecting People

We open doors for people to connect in two way – to themselves and their communities; and across boundaries and divisions.

PDF cover, image of family in grass, woman playing catch with small boy, man sitting looking at dandelions with young girl. Public Space for the People, The Cultural Drivers of Public Space Use

Public Space for the People

Read our report about the cultural drivers of public space use.

Our Guiding Principles and Values

  1. People are at the center of community.
  2. Changemaking can't happen without giving the people who are most proximate to the issue(s) power at the decision-making tables.
  3. Better practices develop when people have the space to co-create and learn together.
  4. Organizational and system change happens best in a cohort model.