Innovator's Monthly Meetup

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The Innovator's Monthly Meetup is a monthly gathering of people who are working to build communities of inclusion, healing, and equity, wherever they are. Its central aim is to foster a meaningful space for community and social change agents, community members, and other neighborhood stakeholders to gather, share ideas, and create innovative responses to challenges they encounter in their community-building work. It is also a space for change agents to form a community and network of peers to rely on for mutual support and encouragement in the challenging work of community building.

The Innovator’s Monthly Meetup typically takes place on the third Friday of each month, from 12:00 to 1:30pm, and includes a light lunch. The location changes from month to month, with different community organizations hosting the gathering. Previous locations have included Cleveland Institute of Music, multiple branches of the Cleveland Public Library, and the Rainey Institute. If you are interested in hosting a future Innovator’s Monthly Meetup, or have questions about what this would entail, please contact Program Manager, JP Graulty.

Each Innovator’s Monthly Meetup consists of a set of fun and energizing practices that cultivate a culture of shared power, mutual learning from the wisdom in the room, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

What does the Innovator’s Monthly Meetup look like during COVID-19?

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Due to the current public health guidelines for COVID-19, we are unable to host in-person Innovator’s Monthly Meetup Events. However, we’ve adapted the practices to work in an online format. All community builders are welcome to attend this online format, wherever you are in the world. To participate, register by clicking one of the links below.

Register for Upcoming Innovator’s Monthly Meetups

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