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Through our network of strengths-based consultants, we are working directly with institutions and the people they serve to bridge divisions, engage communities, and elevate impact.

MidTown Cleveland AsiaTown

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In January, 2020, the Community Innovation Network began working with the MidTown Cleveland AsiaTown team, with Xinyuan Cui serving as the lead organizer. Our goal is to build community among AsiaTown residents, to help them identify issues that matter to them, and to work towards a common goal through collective action. Initially, this work involved building community through one on one meetings with residents, and helping to organize the Spring Festival Celebration. In March, 2020, the focus of our work shifted to pandemic response, in light of COVID-19. As of June, 2020, we have grown the network of residents, translated news, resources, and important information, worked with partners to take a stand against rising anti-Asian racism, and helped residents apply for and receive a Neighbor Up COVID-19 Rapid Response grant.

Read about AsiaTown Sweetheart: A residents self-organized community initiative about baking and sharing

Community Foundation of Elkhart County

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Mark Chupp and Indigo Bishop have been working with the Community Foundation of Elkhart County to implement an Asset Based Community Development approach to their community building work. This has consisted of a series of training opportunities for over 50 community leaders, and consulting support. This partnership is ongoing as the Foundation works to further community building in three focus areas in the county. One example is providing consultation as a community center is rebuilt to ensure that the diverse groups in the neighborhood (Black, Hispanic and white) feel ownership and see value in the programs and services.

Case Western Reserve University Government and Community Relations

The Community Innovation Network has been working with the Case Western Reserve University Office of Government and Community Relations to facilitate a process to develop and found the inaugural CWRU Neighborhood Advisory Council. The Neighborhood Advisory Council will enable residents of Cleveland and East Cleveland neighborhoods around CWRU to have a voice in University decision-making around relevant issues, programs and projects that significantly impact them.