Current Research

drawing of a man and woman standing over the body of a man, words "power tableau"
Ms. Gwendolyn Garth
  1. Citizen Power Progression--Dr. Chupp is collaborating with Dr. Ivis Garcia Zambrana, Assistant Professor of Metropolitan Studies at the University of Utah to research effective models for assessing and promoting community engagement. The research provides an analysis of existing models, including those like Arnstein’s Ladder of Citizen Participation that focus on process to the Resident Power Progression, focused on individual power and developed by the Asset Based Community Development Institute. They have submitted their research for publication and are continuing their research to develop a new integrative model.
  2. Foundations of Community Building--Dr. Chupp and Dr. Adrianne Fletcher (also from the Mandel School) are presenting this innovative model to several conferences. One aspect of this research focuses on the role of schools of social work in promoting social change.
  3. Racial Equity Organizational Assessment--Forest Hill Church in Cleveland Heights, OH, has initiated a process for conducting a racial audit of the congregation. The congregation is becoming more diverse and is committed to racial equity and inclusion. Dr. Chupp led a research team to create a racial equity survey that will serve as a baseline for the congregation. Other congregations have expressed interest in using this as a model.