Risk Management

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership supports the planning and execution of student events. To that end, there are times when events may take on a higher level of risk due to certain factors. Members of the staff are trained and able to assist students in reducing the amount of risk within their event. Below is a quick guide for students who have elements of risk within their programs.


The university expects responsible behavior of all members of the community who choose to drink alcoholic beverages and requires an environment free of coercion for those who choose to abstain. Therefore, all must adhere to guidelines provided by the university for responsible and legal consumption of alcoholic beverages. Individuals must accept responsibility for their own behavior and should demonstrate a concern for the safety and well-being of others in the university community.

To serve alcoholic beverages at CWRU-sponsored events, coordinators of the events must identify a sober monitor who will complete an Alcohol Use Report (AUR) and participate in a risk management meeting with appropriate staff. During this meeting, policies will be reviewed and a risk management plan discussed. After the meeting, the form will be approved by the staff member and forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs for final approval. Once the group receives the full approved form, it must be posted at the event.

Next Steps

If you have any questions about the form or process, please contact the Student Activities & Leadership Office. Additional information and guidance is available from the Office of General Counsel.


Student organizations who wish to rent vehicles for travel to events or programs MUST arrange to meet with Suzanne Leach in the Office of Student Activities & Leadership to make arrangements. Student organizations should have had the expense approved by the Undergraduate Student Government prior to making any arrangements for travel. For more information, read the complete University Travel Policy. In addition, students must meet with a staff member to create a risk management plan and waiver.

Minors at Events

Student Organizations often invite to campus or engage with area youth. For each program where minors (under the age of 18) are present student leaders must meet with a member of the Student Activities & Leadership staff to create a plan for managing risk and following the University's Youth Programs Policy.

Events Involving Physical Activities

Student Organizations who are sponsoring an event with intense physical activity must meet with a member of the Student Activities & Leadership staff to create a plan for managing risks associated with the activity and to create a waiver for the event.


Student organizations are required to have waivers (see below) available for participants to sign. Waivers are primarily used in two circumstances:

  1. If a student organization is traveling off-campus for an event or program that they have sponsored.
  2. If a student organization is sponsoring an activity that is considered physical in nature (Powder Puff football, basketball, etc.)

If an event falls into one of these two categories, representatives from the organization must meet with a member of the Office of Student Activities & Leadership to create a waiver specific to that event. The organization will obtain signatures for the waivers prior to the event and retain them for the duration of the event. After the event, the waivers need to be returned to Student Activities & Leadership. For questions or for more information about waivers, please email the Office of Student Activities or call 216.368.2679.