Student Organization Financials

*All of the information below is regarding student activity fee funds.

If you have any questions about student organization financial processes, please fill out this Student AGY Financial Process Inquiry Form. Your question will be directed to the proper office(s) to be answered, you may even see your question show up in the FAQ below!   


A University approved template has been developed to streamline the process for student organizations. If a service provider has a different contract they would like you to use, please work with your advisor or SA&L staff. 

Form Fillable Student Organization Contract Template

We recommend only a President or Treasurer.

Student should complete the checklist created via CampusGroups; they will attend a training and pass a quiz via Campus Groups in order to assist them.     

Vendors often want to use their own contracts. Your organization will be encouraged to use the template but may not be able to. In this case, the contract that is issued must be reviewed by the student and their advisor prior to signing the contract.

An organization can sign a contract for up to $10,000.

Any student who signs a contract is doing so on behalf of an organization. The organization is responsible for what is laid out in the contract. 

You have several options. The first option is paying with your CDEP or an advisor issued PCard. The other option is by check. If you are paying by check, the signed contract will need to be issued through the requisition process for payment. This takes at least 10 business days to process.

Yes, if submitted in a timely manner (at least 10 business days in advance) you may pick up your check on the day prior to the event from the Cashier's Office in Yost.

Yes, if you are paying by check and entering the contract into the requisition process, the vendor will need to be in the system or added through filling out the new supplier form.

Yes. If the group agrees to pay the deposit and is aware of the terms of the deposit, groups can pay that with a CDEP or a PCard.

If a student is signing the contract on behalf of an organization Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) should not be listed on the contract unless it is to denote a location of an event.

There may be times where due to the nature or risk of the contract that it may be best for CWRU to be named as the contracting party instead of a student group. In such circumstances, the university would process the contract. In these scenarios it is best to consult with your advisor or SA&L staff to determine the best course of action.

General Purchasing Updates

Student organizations are encouraged to utilize their CDEP cards as often as possible. When a CDEP is not possible, please contact your advisor or designee with a PCard to make a purchase.

If the purchase is approved, organizations may spend up to $10,000 on a single purchase for a PCard purchase or up to the available funds on the CDEP card.

No, all purchases made with AGY funds are now subject to tax.

No, you can not purchase gift certificates with CDEPs or PCards. To purchase a gift certificate, student groups will need to put the appropriate request in through their advisor or financial process for the purchase to be made through CWRU’s internal “Smart Cart” system.

If you have individuals coming to campus that are not affiliated with the university and will need parking passes for them, please put in a request with your advisor or the SA&L Business Manager - you will need your organization name, the number and timing of tickets needed and organization speedtype to request parking tickets. 

A Chaser Tickets Parking Validation Request form will need to be filled out and tickets can be purchased in packs of 10 with the following denominations:

Validation Time Price per Ticket Cost per 10 Pack
1 Hr $2 $20
2 Hrs $6 $60
3 Hrs $8 $80
4+ Hrs $10 $100

Tickets can take up to 2 weeks to be approved and made available for pick up. 


No. You no longer need to go through catering if you are purchasing food over $500. 

Yes, you must follow building policies when it comes to caterers that can be used. 

Food Truck Procedure


Food trucks are permitted on/near campus for your event if that food truck is current on all paperwork. For a food truck to be permitted at your event you will need to obtain a copy of the Mobile Food License from each truck. This license is obtained by each truck through a process from the City of Cleveland Division of Assessments.

If they do not have this before the event, the truck will have to obtain the paperwork from the City of Cleveland. It typically takes 4-8 weeks to receive this document from the city, so if you do plan enough ahead of time it is possible that the truck can obtain this before your event.  Please note: These expire April 15th of each year, so if you are looking at food trucks for an end of the year event each truck must have an up to date mobile food license.


Food trucks can be paid with a CDep or PCard if the truck takes a card.  If they would prefer a check you can work with your advisor/treasurer to go through the requisition process.  You may request a check to pick up prior to the event to hand to the vendor the day of the event.
If the food truck would like a contract, groups are encouraged to utilize the Club Service Agreement.

Location of Trucks:

Food trucks should remain on city streets unless granted permission to have it on a campus space by that space’s reservation coordinator.  It is recommended that trucks be parked on East Blvd in front of Freiberger Field or East Bell Commons.  Please note, a truck may not be parked within 100 feet of any building that serves food. 

To reserve street parking the meters on the street must be bagged the night prior to your event.  Please reach out to Mike Goliat ( at least two weeks in advance so that he can make arrangements for the spaces to be reserved.  Please be specific as to where the truck(s) will be parked.