Alternative Format Text

Disability Resources and the Office of Accommodated Testing and Services (OATS) are committed to providing required course material in alternate formats for students with approved accommodations. Commonly used alternate formats include audio recordings, e-text, and Braille.

Requests for converted materials should be made as early as possible, typically at least 3 weeks in advance.

Helpful Tips to Expedite Alternative Text Requests

  1. After registering for classes, contact each professor for a list of required course readings, including full title of the text, author, and edition.
  2. Ask the instructor in what order the information will be covered or check your syllabus if posted on Canvas.
  3. Once you purchase or rent any required text books, log in to your AIM account, upload your receipt, and make your request.Publishers providing e-text commonly require proof of purchase before they will release it.
  4. Once received, review your alternative text for any problems. If you do come across any issues, notify OATS immediately at 216.368.0399 or