Housing Accommodations

Students with disabilities may be eligible for housing accommodations that meet their unique needs outside the classroom. Students are asked to review the university policy used in determining a student's eligibility for disability services.

Documentation is required to explain the diagnosis, history, treatment protocol and need for a specific accommodation based on the disability. Housing accommodations are determined individually based on the documentation provided.

Housing accommodations may include air conditioning in a residence hall room, a wheelchair accessible room, a visual fire alarm, assignment to a single room, or a waiver of the on-campus housing requirement. Students interested in obtaining housing accommodations will need to follow these important steps:

  1. Submit application through Accessibility Information Management (AIM) along with documentation of your disability to the Disability Resources office. Information may be faxed to 216.368.8826 or emailed to disability@case.edu.
  2. Once the application and documentation is submitted and reviewed, we will reach out to you to schedule an appointment to meet with a member of the Disability Resources staff. 
  3. Complete any required paperwork for the Office of Housing and submit it as required. Make a note of the fact that you are seeking a housing accommodation and working with Disability Resources.
  4. Students should expect a minimum of one week processing time between the time that documentation is submitted and a determination of eligibility is made.
  5. Disability Resources will contact the Housing staff to advise them of your eligibility once it is determined. Disability Resources will not disclose your disability but will only notify them of the accommodations you are eligible to receive.