Accessible Parking

Students with disabilities may be eligible for accessible parking at Case Western Reserve University. Students should become familiar with the procedures and information for students with disabilities and request parking accommodations as appropriate to their situation.

Approval for accessible parking is issued from Disability Resources. The parking office in Access Services does not approve accessible parking for students. However, even when students are approved for accessible parking, they must purchase a permit through parking in Access Services.

In order to determine the eligibility for an accessible parking permit, students must submit documentation from a qualified health care professional. The documentation must be current, must necessitate accessible parking, and is subject to review. Students may be granted temporary accessible parking when the disability involves a temporary issue such as post-operative recovery or a sprained or broken limb.

All students who are found eligible for accessible parking must still purchase permits. Having a state-issued disability placard is good documentation but, it does not eliminate the need to purchase a permit. All fees and renewal policies for parking apply to students who are eligible for accessible parking.

To determine your eligibility for accessible parking:

  1. Submit documentation of your disability to the office of Disability Resources. You can fax the information to 216.368.8826.
  2. A member of the Disability Resources staff will review your documentation and make a determination of your eligibility. A staff member may want to meet with you and you can always schedule an appointment by calling the Disability Resources office at 216.368.5230.
  3. Once approved for accessible parking, the Disability Resources staff member will inform parking staff in Access Services of your eligibility. You will need to go to Access Services (lower level Crawford Hall) to purchase your permit. You will need to identify yourself as having completed the eligibility process for accessible parking with Disability Resources when making the permit purchase.
  4. Students should expect a minimum of one week processing time between the time that documentation is submitted and an accessible permit is available for purchase.