Requests for Remote Learning Accommodations

Disability Resources Guidelines on Requests for Remote Learning Accommodations

CWRU primarily offers in-person teaching and learning, however, CWRU does offer some remote and hybrid classes. The course curriculum for each class offered at CWRU is specially designed for the designated format of the course, whether in-person, hybrid, or remote.

Remote learning accommodations provide students with remote access to certain components of an in-person course. Depending on the format of the course, course requirements, and particular needs of the student, this could include virtual access to class, virtual proctoring of student assessment, virtual approval for assignments and projects, or other modifications.  

Requests for “remote learning” accommodations should be directed to Disability Resources. Requests should be made via email to Disability Resources ( at least three (3) weeks prior to the start of the semester. Requests for remote learning accommodations must include a copy of the student’s course schedule and the specific classes for which they are requesting accommodations. Requests for remote learning accommodations must also include documentation concerning the disability-related need for the requested accommodation. Please visit our website at Documentation Guidelines for more information on Documentation Guidelines. 

Disability Resources will engage the student in an interactive process to evaluate the existence of a disability and potential accommodations, and will conduct an individualized assessment of each course identified by the student to determine if the requested accommodation is necessary or would fundamentally alter the nature of the course or create an undue burden for the university. Please note that a disability-related need does not guarantee that a remote learning accommodation request will be approved.

If a request for a remote learning accommodation is denied, there is an appeal process to the Office of Equity.