Temporary Disabilities

Students should be aware that Case Western University is not obligated to provide accommodations for students with temporary disabilities, but will attempt to do so when feasible.

As a courtesy, Disability Resources will attempt to provide services to students who experience acute illness or injury that will allow them to access the physical campus as well as the academic curriculum. For instance, if a student breaks the wrist of his/her dominant hand, Disability Resources will work with the professor and the Office of Accommodated Testing & Services that may be able to provide a scribe for a test for the student.

However, as is the case for permanently disabled students, the student would be responsible for all out of class work product.

If the injury or illness necessitates an accessible parking spot, and/or campus transportation services, the student should contact Disability Resources for assistance. Student Advancements and Disability Resources will coordinate efforts to assist students needing any other services as a result of their temporary injury or illness.

Graduate students should work with their respective departments or schools, and Disability Resources to obtain assistance in the event of a temporary illness or injury.