Student Employment

So You Want to Work in Thwing Center?

The following information has been compiled for students who are interested in working in Thwing Center. This information is designed to give you an idea of the process for applying for work in Thwing Center and what we are looking for in our student employees. Thwing Center's greatest resource are students! Our student employees are very important members of our staff. Please review the following information and thank you for your interest in Thwing Center.

Open Positions

Thwing Center has a variety of vacancies available for the upcoming school year. If you are a responsible student, self-motivated, and have a desire to work in Thwing Center we are looking for you. Work-study hours preferred. No experience is needed as we will train you; however, if you should have any additional skills please list them if they relate to the position for which you are applying. Submit your resume to for consideration.

Thwing Center Manager

Managers serve as the point of contact when Thwing Center Engagement and Operations professional staff are not in the building. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: be a leader and role model to other student staff; follow all opening and closing procedures for the facility; ensure the facility is safe by enforcing all policies and procedures; supervise all student staff, programs and events held in the facility; efficiently enact emergency action plan when necessary; handle all customer service issues including conflict management, point person for events when on duty as well as providing information on Thwing Center programs and services as needed. Managers are stationed in Thwing Center and are paid $10.20 per hour.

Thwing Center Operations Associate

Provide excellent customer service. Including but not limited to: greeting patrons, answering questions in person or by phone, facility tour/orientations, issuing equipment, performing various set-up and tear-downs, and helping to keep the facility safe and clean. Operations associates are stationed in Thwing Center at the Service Counter (in the Atrium) and are paid $9.20 per hour.

Thwing Center Office Assistant

Provide excellent customer service through greeting patrons, answering questions in person or by phone, making program and event reservations, assisting with record keeping and filing, as well as occasionally running campus errands. Office assistants are stationed in Thwing Center's main administrative office and are paid $9.20 per hour.

Other Positions

  • Program Assistant

  • Social Media Specialist 

What We Are Looking for in Our Employees

One of the goals of Thwing Center Administration is to provide services of quality to the University community. Whether you are setting up a meeting room for an event, or answering the telephone in the office, you represent Thwing Center and Case Western Reserve University. If you make a good impression on the customer, you have helped us meet a very important goal.

Be Service-Oriented 

This means being helpful and courteous. It's important that you are the kind of person who will smile and be pleasant even when you are having an off day. You should be a friendly person who gives the customer or visitor your undivided attention.

Be Flexible 

You should make every effort to fill in when someone is ill.  It creates a positive atmosphere when employees are willing to help each other out. 

Be Prompt 

Thwing Center is a very busy place, and one late employee can cause many problems. If you report to work promptly, you contribute to the smooth operation of the Center. 

Be Responsible 

Your duties require a large degree of responsibility.  We expect that you will meet all your responsibilities with enthusiasm. 

Be Neat 

Remember that you represent the University when you are working. We want you to project a favorable image.


Your work schedule will be assigned at the beginning of each semester and will remain in effect until the end of the semester. Scheduling in Thwing Center is centered around your class schedule. Hours are available in the afternoons, evenings, and on weekends. This flexibility will help you maintain a suitable work and class schedule.

The most important quality we look for in our student employees is a willingness to serve people. If you have a genuine desire to go the extra distance to help someone else, you are just who we are looking for here in Thwing Center.