In general, any undergraduate student who does not live in university sponsored housing is considered an off campus or commuter student. Off campus and commuter students either drive, walk or use public transportation to travel to campus.

Commuter Students are undergraduate students (typically 1st or 2nd year) who live with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within 40 miles of campus. To be eligible for commuter status and have the 2 year on campus housing requirement waived, you must complete a 'Commuter Release'.

Off Campus Students are undergraduate students (typically 3rd year +) who have completed their two year on-campus housing requirement and no longer reside in university sponsored housing.

The Off Campus Student Lounge is located in the lower level of Hitchcock Hall on the west side of Thwing Center. 

Once in Hitchcock Hall, take the staircase or chair lift down to the lower level. Once on the lower level the entrance to the lounge is located on the right.

There is also an exterior entrance located on the west side of Thwing Center (Severance Hall side).

Both entrances require card-swipe access.

If you are a full time undergraduate student and do not reside in university sponsored housing, access to the lounge will be automatically added to your CWRU-ID. If you are having issues accessing the lounge or you would like to request special considerations please email commuter@case.edu.

Being a commuter student—like being a campus resident—has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most common challenges commuter students face is the commute itself. The commute between home and school can often add frustration and stress to a commuter's learning experience, especially during the winter months. However, regardless of what roadblocks commuting may have in your academic career, we strive to help you overcome them so you can concentrate on studying and help you enjoy all that campus life at CWRU has to offer.