Off-Campus Housing

Aerial view of downtown Cleveland, with Case Western Reserve University campus in foreground and Lake Erie in background

All first and second year undergraduate students are required to live on-campus unless they choose to live with their parents within 40 miles of the campus. After that living requirement is met, students can choose to pursue off-campus housing. The Office of University Housing aims to aid these students, as well as our graduate student community, by providing off-campus listings as well as a guide to start the process of deciding which off-campus option is best.

Please note: the University's policies on financial aid change frequently. Please check with the Office of Financial Aid to learn how your personal situation may be affected by moving off campus.

The Questions to Ask Before Renting page is a resource made by the Office of University Housing to assist our students with the renting process. While there are many housing options on the market, it is important to understand your own wants and needs when selecting a place to live. Even more, it is important to be prepared to work with either a private landlord or real estate agency.

The Off-Campus Housing Listing Service lists apartments and houses for rent in the Cleveland area.  Students are able to search for rentals using a number of different criteria.