The Summer Undergraduate Research in Energy and Sustainability (SURES) program through CWRU’s Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE) office offers undergraduate students an opportunity to engage in a 10-week summer research project in sustainability and energy related topics. Students can work closely with faculty members on established research projects, or can develop their own unique research project.

Sheila Pedigo, Ph.D. - SOURCE Director | 216.368.8508

Past SURES Students and their projects:


  • John Brogan, Cognitive Science, The Use of Journey Metaphor & Pictures of Nature to Inspire Sustainable Behavior, Fey Parrill, Department of Cognitive Science 

  • Grace Cammarn, Statistics/Environmental Studies, Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Benchmarking and Best Practices, Stephanie Corbett, Office for Sustainability

  • Aviva Gersovitch, Cognitive Science, Banning Bottled Water: Meaningful Solution to Reduce Waste on Campus or Red Herring?, Erin Kollar, Office for Sustainability  


  • Laura Hurst, International Studies/Environmental Studies, Education and Outreach for Sustainability in the City of Cleveland, Matt Gray, City of Cleveland

  • Hana Litwin, Civil Engineering,  Analyzing Green Roofs in Cleveland, Matt Gray, City of Cleveland   


  • Michael Berger, Civil Engineering, Case Ground Stormwater Survey Report and Recommendations, Stephanie Corbett, Office for Sustainability 

  • Abigail Dwornik, Political Science, Identifying Factors that Influence Recycling Levels in University Settings, Justin Gallagher, Department of Economics

  • Matheus Fernandes, Mechanical Engineering, On Campus Wind Turbine Wind Resource Analysis and Evaluation, David Matthiesen, Department of Material Science and Engineering

  • Jenna Millemaci, Electrical Engineering, Green Your Lab Program Development, Stephanie Corbett, Office for Sustainability 


  • Matthew Moss, Physics, Feasibility of Solar Thermal Water Heaters on Campus, Philip Taylor, Department of Physics

  • Steven LaDelfa, Chemical Engineering, Solar Thermal (ST) Water Heating for CWRU Facilities, Philip Taylor, Department of Physics