Refill Stations

Over the last 15 years CWRU Facility Services has installed over 90 water bottle refilling stations throughout campus, displacing more than 1.5 million plastic water bottles.

Refill Station Locations‌
Here is a partial list, full list coming soon:
image of refill Bottles
Case Quad
  • A.W. Smith - first floor lobby by elevator, second floor lobby by elevator
  • Bingham - first floor hall by large lecture rooms, second floor, third floor
  • Stadium - next to drinking fountain
  • Eldred Hall - in lobby
  • Emerson Gym in Veale - main lobby by hall of fame room, basement weightlifting room and second floor cardio room
  • Nord Hall - first floor lobby
  • Rockefeller
  • Schmidt - main lobby
  • Veale Track - west wall
  • Veale Pool
  • Veale - next to issue desk/ Donnell pool 
Mather Quad
  • Peter B. Lewis Building - by main entrance, basement
  • Kelvin Smith Library - main floor lobby
  • Millis - ground floor by the north elevator, third floor by the north elevator
  • Mather Memorial - first floor
  • Tinkham Veale University Center - by first floor restrooms, on second floor
  • Dively - first floor, second floor
  • Carlton Commons - beside tennis courts, by the bathrooms on the first floor
  • Tippit House
  • Stanley House
  • Kusch House
  • Glaser House
  • Michelson House
Health Sciences Campus
  • Dental School - by Oral Surgery
  • Robbins - ground floor by mail room
  • Nursing - by Cyber Cafe, first floor hall
  • Allen Memorial Medical Library - in main lobby
  • Sears Tower - fourth floor, fifth floor hall
Off Campus
  • Cedar Avenue Service Center - in the lobby by women’s restroom
North Residential Village
  • Culter - rec room area
  • Hitchcock - rec room area
  • Pierce House - rec room area
  • Storrs House - rec room area
  • Taplin House - main lobby by elevator
  • Tyler House

Can you help us fill in some details or did you find a refill station we're missing? Contact us and we'll add to the list! Thank you!