Transportation Survey Winners Announced

Thank you for the over 650 students who took our transportation survey! We now better understand how students move around campus, Cleveland and beyond! Our CWRU students are navy in their green modes of transportation: 82% reported that they walk and 5% are cyclists. About 2% use the Greenies and other shuttles and 0.5% carpool. These are great numbers! Keep it up! By choosing green methods of moving, you are polluting less and staying healthier.

We promised prizes as an incentive to participate! Our Transportation focused Sustainability Ambassadors will be making contacts and dolling out the prizes to our winners:

Barnes & Noble gift cards went to Jack Webb, Brianna Walker and  Nicole Brooks.

Tom Trischman, Emmett Donnelley-Power and  Elaine Ahn won our solar chargers.

A fleece Patagonia jacket went to Emily Jennings.


Maria Kuznetsov, Elizabeth Adams and Sarah Bedoyan won our Klean Kanteens.