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Cheryl Clements & Vernon Clements

Nourishing Power Fellowship Graduates, 2023-2024 Cohort
Transformation Proposition

What are you offering the community?

Our vision for food justice is to bridge the gap between the youth and agriculture with our program F.L.I.P.- Farming Leaders Incentive Program. By partnering with local farms and schools, we will offer a unique and fun opportunity for youth to engage with agriculture in a way that resonates with their interests and passions. We will equip the youth with valuable skills in mushroom cultivation, positive usage of technology, and entrepreneurship ventures.


Why is this needed?

Many farmers face a common struggle: They ask, “How do we get the youth to the farm”? It's not just about getting them there, it's about igniting a spark that makes them want to return on their own. Economic instability and a preference for digital activities have left many of our youth disconnected from the land, missing out on the valuable lessons and experiences agriculture has to offer.

Teaching at Rainey Institute, we've seen firsthand the power of engaging youth through art, entrepreneurship, and food. Now, we're determined to merge these worlds, making farming educational and exciting for the next generation.

Impact for Nutrition Equity

What's happening with this work in the next 6-12 months?

Our companies, “House of Weird Perfection” and “Melanated Mushrooms” will bring creativity and innovation to the farm with our program F.L.I.P. sparking curiosity and growth in our youth. Through F.L.I.P.’s partnerships with farms and schools, the youth can use the earned credit system by completing assigned farm tasks to earn farming credits. These credits can be redeemed to enroll in the program's creative workshops.

Holistic Wellness Workshops:

  • Herbal Skincare
  • Herbal Oils/Tinctures
  • Cooking
  • Mushroom Cultivation

Creative Workshops:

  • Digital Design/Marketing
  • Promotional Products
  • Photography
  • Apparel and Accessories

Who else will work with you to bring this to life?

  • Food Strong
  • Green Movement Glenville
  • Little Africa Food Collaborative
  • Miles Of Love Farm
  • Central State University
How Can You Get Involved?
  • Volunteer: Join our team as a volunteer to help organize workshops, assist with farm activities, mentor youth participants, and contribute your skills in grant writing and funding research.
  • Donate: Consider donating to support our program's resources, materials, and outreach efforts.
  • Spread the Word: Are you working with the youth or know someone who is? We want to partner with you! Share our mission and activities with your network to raise awareness and connect us with potential donors, partners, sponsors, and grant opportunities to support our workshops and equipment.
  • Participate: Attend our workshops and events to learn more about sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and holistic wellness, and engage directly with our youth participants to offer support and encouragement.

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photo of Cheryl Clements
Cheryl Clements

My name is Cheryl. I am a farmer, artist, and educator who provides wellness through mushrooms, herbs, and art through our companies, Melanated Mushrooms and House Of Weird Perfection. I currently collaborate as an Art Instructor at Rainey Institute, with my husband, Vernon, where we teach 3rd to 8th graders in Rainey's after-school and summer programs. We've seen firsthand the power of engaging youth through art, entrepreneurship, and food. Now, we're determined to merge these worlds, inspiring young minds to explore, learn, and grow.


Photo of Vernon Clements
Vernon Clements

I'm Vernon, a farmer, artist, and educator dedicated to promoting wellness and creativity through agriculture. Together with my wife Cheryl, we lead Melanated Mushrooms and House Of Weird Perfection, crafting a unique blend of art and farming. Our shared passion for engaging youth through art, entrepreneurship, and food fuels our mission to create an educational and captivating farming experience for future generations.