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The PSE Readiness Assessment and Decision Instrument (READI) ( is a web-based tool designed to assess community readiness and capacity for implementing nutrition Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) interventions. The PSE READI provides assessments for six intervention areas: Farmers Markets, Healthy Eating in Childcare, Healthy Food Retail, Farm to School, Food Pantries, and K-12 Schools. After completing the PSE READI, a report with three evidence-based recommendations is generated to help practitioners tailor interventions to their community context and improve healthy eating environments.

A multi-phase consensus-building approach was used to develop each PSE READI assessment. In short, the process included steps to:

  • capture qualitative feedback from frontline community nutrition practitioners and community residents via interviews and focus groups;
  • identify themes and indicators related to implementation of the intervention using a grounded theory approach; and
  • gain consensus on the perceived importance of each theme and indicator via expert panel meetings.

Learn more about the key findings from each of the six community nutrition PSE areas studied and included on the PSE READI tool:

The PSE READI also offers and extensive library of worksheets, toolkits, and general resources. The PSE READI is part of the USDA’s national SNAP-Ed Toolkit.

To learn more about our partnerships and research associated with this tool, please visit the Ohio SNAP-Ed Stakeholder Engagement Project to Promote Healthy Food Access (OSSEP) page.

Anyone can make a PSE READI account and utilize our extensive Resource Bank, trainings, and Know Your Community Resources.

PSE READI assessments are currently only available in Ohio and Wisconsin. Access is granted on a state-by-state basis. Interested in implementing the PSE READI in your state? Contact our Community Nutrition Program Manager, Katie Poppe at

For questions or more information on how to get involved with PSE READI, please contact our Community Nutrition Program Manager, Katie Poppe

For more information or help using the PSE READI tool, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Page updated on May 3, 2024. PSE READI technology is owned by Case Western Reserve University.