Nourishing Power Network

Nourishing Power Network Components
Photo of Community Garden
Photo credit: Janet Century Photography Courtesy of Neighborhood Connections

The Nourishing Power Network is part of the Nourishing Neighborhoods, Empowering Communities study conducted by Case Western Reserve University in partnership with Neighborhood Connections and The FARE Project.

The Nourishing Power Network consists of four components:

The Advisory Council, Fellowship, and Fund will require an application. The Networking is open to all!

Learn more about how we got here by exploring the Menu of Actions for Community Driven Food Systems Change and the foodNEST 2.0 final report, which includes links to our publications.

One Year Highlight Report

Download our report "One Year Highlights" to learn more about Nourishing Power's progress!

Our Mission

Test ways to transform food systems by bridging community power with organizational power to spark & expand food justice initiatives led by the community.

Our Vision

Root & grow a local food system that promotes freedom, hope, & dignity in food traditions resulting in holistic health for Black, Latino/a/x, Asian, & Indigenous communities.

What Do We Hope to Learn Together Through the Network? 
  • Who guides decision making of local food systems efforts? 
  • Who is getting funded to implement local food systems change? 
  • Extent to which local food systems change efforts center lived experiences of people of color? 
  • Extent to which local food systems efforts link together within communities? 
  • Extent to which local food systems efforts address 10 feedback mechanisms structuring nutrition equity? 
  • How and why does participation in the Fellowship and Advisory Council effect social capital and access to resources, and the power resulting from these, that can be leveraged to influence food systems change in Greater Cleveland?

Learn more about the Nourishing Power Network.

  • All People and Experiences Have Equal Value

We believe that everyone has gifts to give and receive in co-creating the Nourishing Power Network. A diverse community with a variety of experiences, skills, and backgrounds are necessary to have a broader impact.

  • Create Inclusive and Holistic Spaces

We believe in creating welcoming spaces where all people feel heard and seen. We are committed to creating a nourishing environment to root and grow a local food system that leads to holistic health for all - in body, mind, and spirit.

  • Build Bridges for Community Ownership

We believe that linking community power with organizational power will strengthen and expand community-led actions in the local food system. These actions must promote freedom, hope, and dignity in food traditions among Black, Latino/a/x, Asian, and Indigenous communities.

  • Community-led = Sustained Impact

We believe in investing in food system ideas and actions that lead to community ownership and build on and strengthen the collective vision of the community.

  • Promote Racial Equity in the Food System

We believe systems were not created with the goal of racial equity and some were designed to maintain and expand structural racism within our systems and policies. We are committed to nourishing bold and fresh ideas that will address inequities and transform long-standing injustices of the food system.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us: or 216-368-1340.

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See our calendar of upcoming Networking events here to connect with local food justice leaders, share stories and talent, grow capacity and relationships.