Swetland Seminars

Cleveland Bridge


Upcoming Dates and Topics for Swetland Center Virtual Seminar Series:


Join us for an in-person seminar, also serving as the Nourishing Power Network's first networking event! This event will be held at the Rid-All Green Partnership and features a composting workshop led by co-founder Keymah Durden.

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Presented by: Teela Patterson, Lead Writer and Journalist

Join us for an environmental justice journey to examine how transforming Cleveland's abundant, abandoned, derelict parcels into attractive, sustainable community greenspaces with programming are providing individual restoration and community cohesion.

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Presented by: Dr. Elizabeth Benninger, Cleveland State University & Megan Schmidt-Sane, Institute of Development Studies

Learn more about the findings of the pilot project from the Center for Reducing Health Disparities which examines how youth (ages 12-18) in Cleveland, Ohio view COVID-19 vaccines. 

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Presented by: Dr. Brandy Phipps, Central State University

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