Produce Path

Produce path logo which is a red tomato with the words produce path written on it

Produce Path is a mobile application (iOS and Android) and web-based platform for farmers market customers and managers that is paving a path to healthy food access. 

Produce Path includes two distinct interfaces: One for market managers and another for customers.


Diagram of Produce Path logos showing the red Produce Path logo with the green manager portal logo and orange customer portal logo below it
Produce Path for Managers (formerly FM Tracks)

Produce Path for Managers helps farmers market organizations and managers collect, manage, and evaluate information about their farmers market(s) and incentive programming. Learn more about this platform, our partners, and more here.


Produce Path for Customers

Produce Path for Customers is a customer-facing extension of Produce Path for Managers that allows market managers to share up-to-date information about their market directly with their customers! Customers using this interface can search for markets near them, subscribe to markets to receive updates directly from managers, review product availability, get market logistics (like location and hours), make a grocery list, find recipes, and more! It is currently only available at select markets in Ohio and will be coming soon to more markets and other states! Learn more about how you can use this platform, our partners, and more here.


Page updated on May 8, 2024. Produce Path technology is owned by Case Western Reserve University. For more information about establishing a non-exclusive licensee agreement to use the technology, please contact our Community Nutrition Program Manager, Katie Poppe at