Nourishing Power Network

Nourishing Power Network Components

Our Vision

Root & grow a local food system that promotes freedom, hope, & dignity in food traditions resulting in holistic health for Black, Latino/a/x, Asian, & Indigenous communities.

Our Mission

Test ways to bridge community power with organizational power to spark & expand food justice initiatives led by the community.

Our Goals

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What do we hope to learn together through the Network? 
  • If we cultivate welcoming spaces for community building, will it spark and expand food justice in Greater Cleveland?
  • If we support community-led action with financial and technical resources, will it tip the food system to fairness?
  • If we root and grow community ownership of local food systems, will it promote equity, vibrancy, and holistic health?


Learn more about the Nourishing Power Network.

The Nourishing Power Network is working to root & grow a food system that works for all.

It consists of four components: the Advisory Council, Nourishing Power Networking, the Food Systems Change Fellowship, and a Nutrition Equity Fund. The Advisory Council, Fellowship, and Fund will require an application, and the Networking is open to all!

Learn more about each of the four cores in the drop-downs below. 

Learn more about Nourishing Power Networking and upcoming events.

Community leaders guiding & co-leading the Nourishing Power Network & sharing lessons learned to sustain efforts. Learn more about the Advisory Council. 

Change-makers new to the food systems space bringing fresh ideas to transform outcomes. Learn more about the Fellowship. 

Grant funding for collaborative & creative food justice projects led by the community. Learn more about the Nutrition Equity Fund. 

Contact with questions. 

The Nourishing Power Network is part of the Nourishing Neighborhoods, Empowering Communities study conducted by Case Western Reserve University in partnership with Neighborhood Connections and The FARE Project