Hope in Motion

Sonia Cruz Matos

Nourishing Power Fellowship Graduate, 2023-2024 Cohort
Transformation Proposition

What are you offering the community?

An extension of The Neighborhood Achievement Hub, Hope in Motion focuses on Food Justice and meets our community with need, where they are, by doing pop ups in different areas of our community.


Why is this needed?

Many of our families go to bed hungry. Not because they don't have food on their table but because of many other reasons: education, resources, utilities shut off, unhoused, transportation, shut-ins, communication, shame, culture differences and much more. As a community, we need to work together towards a common goal of a healthier and happier community.

  • Educate
  • Reduce Food Waste
  • Reduce Duplication of Services
  • Collaboration
  • Right to Choose/Shop
  • Cultural Foods
Impact for Nutrition Equity

What's happening with this work in the next 6-12 months?

  • 25-30 seniors delivered a hot lunch once a week. A team of two will deliver lunch and address other needs they may have.
  • We will also continue our monthly community lunches where we bring guest speakers and resources. We collaborate with different restaurants and individuals in the area to make this happen.
  • Community Garden, canning and market. This year we are preparing to start our canning workshops and gardening in collaboration with Hand on Hand from the Amish community.
  • Beginning in May we will start giving out homemade food samples and recipes at our monthly food pantry.

Who else will work with you to bring this to life?

  • Hand on Hand
How Can You Get Involved?

3 T’s: Time, Talent and Treasure

I could sit here and say we want your money, but that wouldn't be true. We want to build a lasting relationship; we would like for you to get to know us and those we serve, our beautiful community and our many needs. Support our events, donate clothing, donate furniture, donate diapers, sponsor children for Christmas, and much more. Experience the satisfaction in seeing the smiles in those you are helping, and be part of something beautiful.

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Photo of Sonia Cruz Matos
Sonia Cruz Matos

Sonia Cruz Matos is 61 years of age, married 42 years. Sonia is a proud mother of two sons and grandmother of five. She is a passionate facilitator and advocate of services to our community. Sonia is the Co-Founder of The Neighborhood Achievement Hub.