Ohio COVID-19 Child Care Study

Interested in receiving study findings?

The study findings are scheduled to be publicly available in November 2020.

Study Goals

Launched in July 2020, the Ohio COVID-19 Child Care Study is designed to better understand how to lower the spread of COVID-19 and lessen the impact of COVID-19 among families and staff affiliated with child care programs in the state. 

Ten counties in Ohio were selected as the sampling frame for the Ohio COVID-19 Child care Study. These counties, Ashtabula, Butler, Cuyahoga, Franklin, Hamilton, Licking, Lucas, Montgomery, Stark, & Summit, have variability in COVID-19 severity, the volume of child care programs, geographic location, and socio-demographics and account for two-thirds of all licensed Type A, B, and child care programs in Ohio. The study is funded by the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation in partnership with the Ohio Office of Job and Family Services.

Research Questions

  • What is the prevalence of COVID-19 among children and staff in a random sample of child care settings in Ohio?

  • What factors drive the transmission of COVID-19 in child care settings in diverse contexts in Ohio?

  • What are the perceptions of risk and safety among parents/caregivers and staff from child care programs in Ohio following their reopening after COVID-19 was declared a public health emergency?

  • What are the levels of child and caregiver stress and coping in response to COVID-19? How do these vary based on the sociodemographic characteristics of families and communities?

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