A dynamic approach to storytelling.

University Marketing and Communications brings stories to life with broadcast-quality videos that support the university's branding, news and media relations initiatives. In select cases, we assist with recruitment, advancement and related audio-visual productions.

Working with MediaVision, the university's video production department, University Marketing and Communications advances the university's mission through creative development, messaging, interviewing, filming and production of high-end multimedia.

High volume and limited resources prevent us from taking on all projects. If you are interested in producing a video, fill out the project request form.

All commercial, non-news photography or videotaping on campus must be approved in advance by University Marketing and Communications.

If you are contacted by an outside organization interested in using campus sites for profit-making ventures, please contact us at 216.368.4440 or It is our duty to protect the intellectual property of the university while maintaining its integrity.

Although such commercial filming requests are not common, standards and policies are in place to assist you.