Carol M. Musil, PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA

Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
The Edward J. and Louise Mellen Professor of Nursing
Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

Case Western Reserve University double alumna, distinguished researcher and longtime faculty member, Carol M. Musil, PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA, was named Dean of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing effective July 1, 2019. She served as interim dean of the School for the 2018-2019 academic year. She is the Edward J. and Louise Mellen Professor of Nursing and has been a member of the FPB faculty since 1994.

She recently received a four-year, $2 million grant from NIH's National Institute on Nursing Research for her clinical trial, "GIFT: Grandmother Initiatives in Family Transformation." Her research focuses on stress, health, and caregiving. For the past 20 years, she has studied the physical and psychological health of caregivers over time, especially grandmothers raising grandchildren, and how factors such as resourcefulness and support affect health and family well-being especially during times of strain and transitions. She takes a multi-generational view of families, and has included the grandchildren of grandmothers in her research. She also leads the Pilot Projects Core of the NIH/NINR funded SMART (Self-Management Advancement through Research and Training: Brain-Behavior Connections) Center at Case Western Reserve University. The Midwest Research Society (MNRS) honored her in 2018 for her "Distinguished Contributions to Research in the Midwest."

Dr. Musil served on numerous NIH review committees and has frequently chaired the National Institute for General Medical Sciences Minority Programs Reviews Subcommittee's behavioral panels since 2010. She also co-chaired NIH Risk, Prevention, and Health Behavior Integrated Review Group R15 AREA grant proposal reviews.

Dr. Musil also has extensive experience in faculty governance at both the school and university level. She has served as chair of the CWRU Faculty Senate, the Faculty Senate Committee on Research as well as several terms on the CWRU Faculty Senate Executive Committee as well as numerous FPB committees. She was named the new University Marshal in July 2018.

A Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing and the Gerontological Society of America, she earned her PhD in Nursing and her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Case Western Reserve University, and completed and NIMH post-doctoral fellowship in geriatric mental health nursing at CWRU. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Cincinnati.

Teaching Information

Teaching Interests

  • Research Methods
  • Statistics
  • Stress, Coping, and Quality of Life

Research Information

Research Interests

  • Health, Stress, Coping, and Family Functioning of Grandmothers by Caregiver Status
  • Stress, Mental and Physical Health of Community Dwelling Older Adults by Caregiver Status
  • Methodological Issues
  • Self-management

Research Projects


  • GIFT: Grandmother Initiatives in Family Transformation NINR 5R01-NR015999-02 (30% effort). 12/20/16-11/30/20
  • Resourcefulness Intervention for Mothers of Technology-Dependent Children NINR (Co-Investigator; V. Toly, PI)  9/19/17-8/31/19
  • Assessing Access, Change, Concerns, and Consequences of People with MS Regarding Four Types of Personal Insurances (Musil Co-I; D. Miller, PI, CCF).  National Muscular Sclerosis Society Foundation.  10/1/15 -9/30/17. (10% effort)
  • Mothers Caring for Technology-Dependent Neonates Sigma Theta Tau International Doris Bloch Research Award(Co-Investigator; V. Toly, PI)  11/01/15-10/31/16
  • SMART Center II: Brain-Behavior Connections in Self-Management Science  1P30NR015326 (Co-I & Director of Pilot Core; Moore, PI). 09/25/2014 – 07/31/2019 (15% effort)
  • Principal Investigator, "Grandmothers, Caregiving, Families, and Transitions," NIH/NINR R01 NR005067. 9/5/06 – 12/31/10.
  • Co-Investigator, "Promoting Resourcefulness in Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren," NIH/NINR R21 NR010581 01, J. Zauszniewski, PI 9/13/2007-5/31/2009.
  • Co-Investigator, "Center of Excellence to Build the Science of Self-Management: A Systems Approach," NIH/NINR 1P30NR010676-01 (S. Moore, PI). 9/29/07-6/30/12.
  • Principal Investigator, "Family Stress and Family Functioning in Caregivers to Adults with Mild Impairments: A Pilot Project," Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Case Western Reserve University and National Institutes of Health.  

Completed Research Support

  • The Grandmother Study Time 6 (Musil, PI). FPB School of Nursing Research Grant. 11/1/14-8/17/15.
  • Web-based Resourcefulness Training, A Pilot    
  • FPB School of Nursing (Musil PI; Zauszniewski, Co-I) 6/2011-9/31/2012 total award: $5000
  • Promoting Resourcefulness in Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren
  • R21 NR010581-01 (Role: Co-I; Zauszniewski, PI)   9/13/2007-5/31/2010
  • Center of Excellence to Build the Science of Self-Management: A Systems Approach 1P30NR010676-01 (Co-I; Moore, PI)  9/29/07-6/30/12
  • Grandmothers, Caregiving, Families, and Transitions. (Musil, C. Principal Investigator). R01 NR005067  (Musil, PI) NIH/NINR 7/1/06 – 3/31/11. Total Award, $1,112,402.
  • Family Stress and Family Functioning in Caregivers to Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairments: A pilot project. Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, July 2004-2007. Parent Grant: Genetic Models, Center for Memory and Aging (Herrup, K. Principal Investigator). NIH Grant No. AG-07012-16, Total Award, $30,000.
  • Principal Investigators, Intergenerational Caregiving to At-Risk Youth, NIH/NINR R01 NR005067  8/1/01 – 10/31/06
  • Mentor, Resiliency in Army Reservist Families Tri-Service Nursing Research MDA-905-03-2 TS09, J. Russek, PI, 9/1/03 – 12/07
  • Principal Investigator, Family Stress and Family Functioning in Caregivers to Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairments: A pilot project. AG-08012-16 (sub-project PI; C. Herrup, PI NIH/NIA Alzheimers Center, P Award) 6/1/04 – 5/31/07
  • Principal Investigator, Grandmothers Caring for Grandchildren in Uganda and Other Sub-Saharan African Countries: An International Collaborative Pilot, Ohio Board of Regents. 2003.
  • Principal Investigator, Grandmothers as caregivers: A comparison by caregiver status. NIH/NIA  R15 AG 15438-011998-2001
  • Co-Investigator, Teaching Resourcefulness to Chronically Ill Older Adults, J. Zauszniewski, PI, NINR/NIH, RO1-NR04428.
  • Principal Investigator, Psychosocial and self-assessed health of grandmothers giving care to grandchildren: A follow-up study. American Nurses Foundation, 1996-1997
  • Principal Investigator, Psychosocial and self-assessed health of grandmothers giving care to grandchildren: A descriptive study, RIG. Ohio Board of Regents/ CWRU 1996.
  • Co-Investigator, Continuation of Stresses,Strains and Elderly Physical Health. (M. Haug, PI). NIH/NIA RO1- AGO8557, 1996-2001

Training Projects

  • Core Faculty, "Multiple Morbidities in Vulnerable Populations: Nurse Scientist Training," NIH/NINR T32 NR 009761 (S. Moore, PI)  5/18/06 – 4/30/11.

Completed Training Support

  • Co-Program Director, Childbearing, Childrearing, Caregiving Research Training NIH/NINR T32 NR07108, M. Wykle, Program Director). 5/1/00-2/28/06
  • Core Faculty, Enhancing the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Program John A. Hartford Foundation, B.Roberts, PI. 2002-2004


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Doctor of Philosophy
Case Western Reserve University
Master of Science in Nursing
Case Western Reserve University
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
University of Cincinnati