Campaign Print Visual Guide

Campaign communications first and foremost should represent the university brand through clear and consistent use of the logo, colors, font, open frame and other considerations. In addition, campaign communications should make appropriate use of the campaign graphic identifier (available for download at, which allows audiences to immediately recognize them.


Maintaining the integrity of the graphic identifier is key to establishing a consistent and reputable look across all campaign communications. It must be presented in a clear and legible manner and not be altered in any way.


There are two color options for the identifier: One uses Case Western Reserve blue type; the reverse uses white type. These should never be altered in any way. Choose the identifier that works best for contrast and visual reproduction, given the background on which it is being placed.


The identifier should run no smaller than 2.25 inches in width and be used as the masthead of the piece; the university or school logo should appear as a signoff. The campaign identifier and university logo should never appear to be linked visually. The open frame in the campaign identifier satisfies the branding requirement for having an open frame on the cover of communications pieces. When placing the identifier over a photograph, position it in an uncluttered area to maximize visibility and impact. Do not crowd other graphics or text around the identifier.

Please submit all draft designs for new print campaign pieces to for review.