Paper Options

Printing Your Project

A number of options, including the university's Printing Services, may work for your upcoming project.

We care about the look and feel of your print projects.

Case Western Reserve has selected specific papers that best represent the brand: McCoy by Sappi, a coated sheet, and Cougar Super Smooth by Domtar, an uncoated sheet.

McCoy is a bright-white sheet—a versatile paper to which many techniques and varnishes can be applied. It provides highlights and sparkle for powerful imagery, and the choice of finishes provide reflection and shine, understated elegance or softness coupled with low-glare readability. McCoy also suits our brand and our commitment to sustainability because it is 10 percent post-consumer waste, elemental chlorine free and Forest Stewardship Council certified. FSC certification means that all steps in the process of making the paper—from tree to printer—are in compliance with the FSC’s guidelines for economic, social and environmental concerns.

Cougar Super Smooth is a premium uncoated printing paper long-revered for value and performance. It touts a stellar 98 brightness and a balanced white shade with 10 percent post-consumer content. The paper is FSC certified.

One exception to the use of these papers is formal invitations. While McCoy and Cougar Super Smooth certainly can be used for invitations, any other type of paper within the university's color palette—including an added silver option (Pantone 877)—also is acceptable.

Formal Invitations

Formal invitations are the one exception to the visual guidelines: They can be printed on any paper stock within the university's color palette—with an added silver color (Pantone 877)—so you can choose from specialty papers with different textures or finishes. They also do not have to incorporate the logo or open frame on the front. They should use our color palette—with the option of an added silver color (Pantone 877)—and can incorporate the script font Libelle to convey a more formal mood.

Formal invitations do not include postcards or web-based invitations.