Sabbatical & Temporary Housing

Three houses in Cleveland

This list of rental properties is a courtesy service provided by the Office of the Provost and Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs created to assist academic appointees with temporary housing needs, especially visitors, new appointees, and those taking leave of absence. These listings are offered solely by CWRU faculty members (current or emeriti), current staff members, and current students. To explore other university housing options visit the Off-Campus Housing Listing Service. Need to update your rental listing? Email

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Case Western Reserve University provides this Sabbatical & Temporary Housing Listing for the convenience of its academic appointees. CWRU is not holding itself out as a realtor or landlord, nor is it providing any of the services of a realtor or landlord. CWRU makes no representations about the truth or accuracy of the available rentals listed on this site, nor does it perform any inspections or make any representations as to the habitability or quality of the housing listed on this site; these are not “university approved” properties, and the university will not be liable for any claims related to the information on this site. This site and links are simply a resource center, providing information on available properties for rent. Each individual user of this site should check out the housing unit for themself personally before entering into a rental agreement. Each individual user of this site should use caution when conducting real estate transactions to avoid potential scams.  

Available Rentals

Available rentals will be posted here within 48 hours of receipt. There are currently no properties for rent.