Many paths for you at CWRU

Students in class

At Case Western Reserve University, we want to see you succeed. You know you best, and we will make sure you have every opportunity to achieve your goals.

We admit students to the university as a whole—not to a certain major or school. 

What does that mean? It means that as a CWRU student, you choose to major or minor in anything you want (and you’re definitely not limited to just one!). 

That’s important because that isn’t the case at a lot of universities. 

At CWRU, there is no “applying” to another school or needing to meet certain prerequisites if you want to change or add a major. (Ok, there is one exception: If you want to be a music major, you will need to prove you can play an instrument or carry a tune. That just makes good sense.)

We offer more than 100 programs of study, running the full gamut of academic inquiry:

At CWRU, there will be no barriers to finding and pursuing your career goals—and, remember, you’ll have your success team in your corner cheering you on. 

Visit CWRU for an open house Oct. 10 or Nov. 14, and you can meet faculty, tour campus and learn more about our focus on hands-on learning all in one jam-packed day.

Be boundless.