Advance Access Policy

Title: Ellucian Advance Access Policy
Effective Date: 7/1/1980
Responsible Official: Vice President for University Relations and Development
Responsible University Office: Advancement Services
Date of Last Review: 7/1/2020
Relates to: Faculty/Staff/Students

Ellucian Advance fundraising software is the product we use to manage and maintain data about alumni and friends of the university. The Advance database contains biographical and philanthropic information on alumni, corporations, foundations, students, friends and other affiliates of the university. Advance data is utilized by CWRU development and alumni affairs staff, as well as other departments such as marketing and career services, to maintain connections within our community, to record relevant, relationship building information and as a fundraising resource. Questions regarding this policy? Contact or 216.368.4051.

Who is permitted access to Advance?

With proper training Advance access can be granted to the following:

  • Permanent CWRU Employees (full or part time)
  • Temporary CWRU Employees (full or part time)

Advance access will NOT be granted to the following:

  • Interns
  • Students

Requesting Advance Access:

  • The new CWRU employee completes the Advance Access Request Form.
  • The Department of Advancement Services will review the Advance Access request.
  • Once approved, the employee will receive e-mail instructions explaining how to register for the appropriate Advance training sessions related to their job function.
  • Attend training sessions.

Deactivation of Advance Access

Due to the confidential nature of the Advance database, a staff member of the hiring department should immediately complete the Advance Access Deactivation Request Form when an employee has left the university or has relocated to a different department. Once the form is received and processed by Advancement Services, the employee's Advance access will either be deactivated or will be properly adjusted based on their new department and job title.