Mass Email Procedure

General Guidelines

  • Advancement Services can only generate email addresses of entities in Advance.  Each school/department has the ability to query email addresses, as well as the ability to request the creation of mass emails to alumni, faculty and staff.
  • We do not provide downloads of email addresses but a recipient clipboard ID list will be used by Advancement Services to load emails on your behalf.
  • Each school or department should designate a primary and secondary person responsible for the email requests generating from their area.
  • Departments and schools are expected to limit the quantity of emails sent to a reasonable number.  The use of a newsletter is highly encouraged.
  • All exceptions to the policy must be approved by the Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations.

Administrative Rights

At least one person within each school/department will be assigned the "Email Author" administrative right.  This person will be responsible for requesting email creation via and will provide email content, constituent id lists and a release date to the Email Creation team in Advancement Services.

Scheduling a Mass Email

  • The email author should access the Alumni Relations Production Calendar to review all university emails scheduled for release on or near the same date. This will reduce the possibility of constituents receiving emails from multiple campus units within the same time frame.
  • Emails using an Advance clipboard as the recipient list must be submitted 1 week in advance.


Once the email has been created, the Email Author will be sent a test preview. Be sure to check your test email for broken links and content errors. Email Authors will have up to 3 test previews to request edits to their content.

Staff Subscribe and Unsubscribe Requests

If a staff member wants to receive or stop receiving copies of emails that are sent, they should send a request to to be added to the seed list.  This list is copied on ALL emails that will  be sent from iModules.  This replaces the is-email list and is an opt-in request as opposed to an automatically added service.

Abuse of Mass Email

Potential abuses of email will be reviewed by the Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations. Abuse can result in loss of email privileges.