Specialized Accounting Common Topics

Outside Trusts

Outside trusts, otherwise known as funds held by others (FHBXXXXX speedtypes), represent outside investments which benefit the University.  Setup by donors in the University’s interest, Specialized Accounting maintains the records for the current market values, the current incoming revenue and the expected incoming revenue from these trusts for the remainder of the current fiscal year.  Any questions related to these balances and revenues should be directed to specializedacct@case.edu.


The University’s day-to-day operations and endowment benefit from a wide and diverse array of investments.  For any questions related to individual endowments, please see Endowment Management.


From time to time individuals will present the University with various types of annuity trusts (ANNXXXXX speedtypes).  During the donor’s, or their beneficiary’s, life the University will direct periodic payments to the donor or their beneficiary while an outside manager manages the investment balance.  Upon the passing of the donor or their beneficiary the University will receive a lump-sum payout of the remaining value of the annuity trust as a gift to be used as directed by the donor.  For any questions related to the ultimate use of the annuity trust gift if it is endowment related, please see Endowment Management. Any questions related to annuity trust balances, payments, fees or pay-outs should be directed to specializedacct@case.edu.