Check Deposit Procedures

Departmental Deposit Guide

Deposits to Sponsored Projects

Please submit sponsored project deposits to Debbie Elam (368-5944), Sponsored Projects Accounting, Nord Hall, 6th Floor, C1 (Mail Stop 7037). If using campus mail you must use a confidential envelope marked "personal to be opened by addressee only". Payers (e.g. sponsoring agencies) should be instructed to send their checks directly to the Sponsored Projects Accounting.

Research, special programs, training, and miscellaneous accounts may be identified by their budget type.

Charitable Contributions

Submit charitable contributions to Advancements Services, University West/Bioenterprise Building, Room 406. As noted in IRS Publication 526, a charitable contribution is a contribution or gift to, or for the use of, a qualified organization such as CWRU. It is voluntary and is made without receiving, or expecting to receive, anything of substantial value. In order for a contributor to claim a tax deduction for certain types of donations they must be received and acknowledged by Development Services. For additional information call Cindy Creegan, x6079.

Submit all other deposits to the University Cashier, Yost Hall room 165.