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For questions about the following issues, please contact the following departments:

Cashier's Office

For questions about the Cashier's Office, email or call them at 216.368.4276.

This includes:

  • Student third-party check payments
  • Student wire payments
  • Departmental deposits
  • Returned checks
  • Petty cash
  • Change order requests
  • Student payments
  • Student reimbursement checks
  • USCIS checks

Information Systems

For questions about Information Systems, email or call them at 216.368.0401.

This includes:

  • Controller's Office website
  • PeopleSoft Reports folder
  • Scheduling PeopleSoft Training
  • QuikPAY credit card processing


For questions about PeopleSoft, please content the ERP Team at

General Accounting

For questions about General Accounting, email or call them at 216.368.4274.

This includes:

  • University's financial statements
  • Requests for University's tax ID number
  • Agency accounts
  • Incoming or outgoing bank transfers
  • NSF or returned checks
  • Unrelated trade / business income
  • Payments in foreign currency

Equipment Accounting

For questions about Equipment Accounting, email or call them at 216.368.5183.

This includes:

  • Inventory
  • Equipment report requests
  • Government property reports
  • Equipment requisitions
  • Equipment purchase orders
  • Equipment vouchers

Service Centers

For questions about Service Centers, email or call them at 216.368.1044.

This includes:

  • Service center rate approval form
  • Creating a new service center
  • Allowable/Unallowable costs
  • Cross-billing journal entries
  • Service Center Government Compliance

F&A and Fringe Benefits Rates

For questions about F&A and Fringe Benefits Rates, email or call them at 216.368.1044.

This includes:

  • F&A or Fringe Benefits Rates
  • F&A Rates or Fringe Benefits (breakdown by component)
  • Government Compliance Issues


For questions about Payroll, email or call them at 216.368.4290.

This includes:

  • Overpayment
  • Effort distribution
  • Cross billings
  • Stop payments
  • Holiday, vacation, absence
  • Graduate students
  • Salary advances for grads
  • Leaves of absence / terminations
  • Replacement checks for grads
  • Time and attendance
  • Data entry, tax treaty
  • Payroll vouchers
  • Processing of absence notice
  • Direct deposit
  • Credit union
  • Tax issues
  • Form W-2
  • Form 1042


For questions about Tax, email or call them at 216.368.4292.

This includes:

  • Form 990 & 990-T
  • Unclaimed Funds Reporting
  • Sales & Use Tax


For questions about the Controller's Office, email or call 216.368.2126.