We have moved locations

The Payroll Office has completed its move from the 3rd floor of the BioEnterprise building (11000 Cedar Avenue) to the 2nd floor of the CedarTech building (10969 Cedar Avenue). 

Please note that that the CedarTech building entrance is located off of Cedar Avenue. There is no available access from Carnegie Avenue. There will be active construction at the site during the beginning of summer. Signage will be posted directing where visitors and staff should go.


Direct Deposit Functionality

Direct Deposit is available as a self-service feature within HCM.  In fact, CWRU employees must make changes (addition or deletion of accounts, changes in dollar amounts or percentages, etc) to their direct deposit accounts online. Details are explained in the

View the HCM Direct Deposit guide.


Direct Deposit Authorization

Direct deposit authorization must come directly from an employee or student. Payroll will no longer be accepting direct deposit authorization from bank branches. If you have any questions, please contact the Payroll Department at 216.368.4290.


W2 Information

For information on how to view W2's and W2 electronic only consent please visit the HCM Training Webpage.
For students needing information on how to enter W2 override addresses please visit the SIS Training Webpage.


HCM Challenge Questions

A challenge question is required to gain access to your Direct Deposit deposit information in Payroll and Compensation under Self Service.  After three failed attempts,  an individual will be locked out. In that event, the individual must show their university ID or driver’s license at the Payroll Office or Cashier’s Office to have the screen unlocked. If the employee is off campus, contact the Payroll Office at 216.368.4290 or