Meal Plan Exemption

Case Western Reserve wants all students to be able to enjoy the social atmosphere and convenience of on-campus dining. Every effort will be made to accommodate students within the existing framework so that students can fully participate in campus life here. "JUST ASK" is a cornerstone of our campus dining program.

Students with specific dietary restrictions or needs are encouraged to get familiar with the food options at each of the university dining facilities and meet the managing chef so that they know where to go for support to help them meet their needs. Students are encouraged to meet with the Bon Appetit on-staff dietitian and the on-site dining managers to discuss needs and preferences in the meal program. 

The Leutner & Fribley Commons location offer:

  • Pre-order meals that meet almost any specialized dietary need
  • A station featuring items made without gluten-containing ingredients
  • An abundance of vegan and vegetarian food choices

A registered Dietitian, Leilah Absi, MS, RD,LD, is available to support students with food concerns—including offering tips and tricks to finding foods that meet your needs; introducing you to culinary staff for specialized meals, and helping coordinate meals to be available for pickup at locations such as Bag It and Grab It.

Contact her at 216.368.1055 or with any questions, comments or concerns.

Meal Plan Exemption Procedures:

Only those students who can document severe medical reasons why the dining service contractor cannot supply dietary needs will be considered for exemption from the meal plan.

  • Students seeking release who are required to have a meal plan should submit their request to the Office of Disability Services 
  • Please note that a request for exemption does not guarantee that you will be excused from the meal plan.
  • Exemptions are not automatically renewed from academic year to academic year. If you do not reapply, your meal plan will be reactivated.

Until a decision is reached on your meal plan exemption request, you should continue to use your meal plan. Choosing not to use your meal plan will not exempt you from any meal plan charges if your exemption request is denied.