Can I switch meal plans?

Students can change meal plan selection until 5 p.m. on the first Friday of the semester. Meal plan selections for Fall automatically roll over to Spring. Please note that not all meal plan selections are available to all students.

I have Meal Plan CaseCash and CaseCash? What is the difference?

The two types of CaseCash are identical in use. Meal Plan CaseCash is just CaseCash that was included as part of your Meal Plan and is available when your semester meal plan begins. When you swipe your card at a retail location, it will deduct the charge from Meal Plan CaseCash first. Once that is depleted, or if you do not have any Meal Plan CaseCash, it will deduct charges from your CaseCash.

How can I check my CaseCash and Meal Plan balance?

Once you have registered your account at the eAccounts site, you will easily be able to check your balances and run reports. Your parents may also use this link to do a guest deposit to your CaseCash account.

How do I add cash to CaseCash?

To add CaseCash to your card online, visit CaseOneCard and use a MasterCard or VISA to make a deposit.

Can I use my meal plan to bring a guest to the dining commons?

Your meal plan is a contract between you and the University to be used solely by you. However, Meal Plan participants are allocated a certain number of guest meal swipes each semester. This will allow you to use one of your meal swipes to host a guest at meal-swipe locations.

Can I use my Meal Plan CaseCash or CaseCash to pay for a meal at the dining commons?

You can only purchase an individual meal at the dining commons with CaseCash or Meal Plan CaseCash.  Please be sure to advise the cashier of your preference so that they can process the transaction correctly. The cost for Breakfast (defined as a meal before 10:29AM) is $12.00 or Lunch & Dinner (defined as a meal after 10:29AM) for $17.95.